Five classes for $50

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Valid 14 days from your 1st class.


Are you looking for a challenge?

How do classic reformer pilates classes mixed with strength training, cardio and yoga sound? Good right. Yum Yum! 

Lets spike the heart rate, hit you with a little burn and bring you back down with a thoughtful yoga flow. Book in, lets get sweaty and have fun.


First Timers

*only available once, to new clients.
Valid for 2 weeks from date of first class booking.


5 classes / $10 each

Session Packs

Valid for 6 months


Casual class


5 Sessions / $27 each


10 Sessions / $25 each


20 Sessions / $23 each

Monthly Passes

Valid 1 month


8 Sessions / $20 each

Most Popular


10 Sessions / $18 each


12 Sessions / $16.67 each


15 Sessions / $15.33 each


20 Sessions / $14 each

Class Types



Our signature class is classic reformer pilates with a little more.

A low impact, dynamic group class including elements of cardio, strength training and yoga. Expect the heart rate to spike, muscles to burn, get ready to sweat and have fun.

This 50 minute class includes a yoga inspired stretch and flow to finish.

LA Lite

This reformer pilates class is a great entry level class, perfect for those who want to dial back the intensity but not compromise on the sweat and fun. 

Recommended 4-6 LA Lite classes before jumping into an LA class.

This 50 minute class includes a yoga inspired stretch and flow to finish.

LA Hour

This is our 1 hour class.

Open to all levels this reformer pilates class includes a 15 minutes yoga inspired flow to stretch the body and calm the mind.

You'll leave feeling restored and relaxed


Good tunes. Good vibes.


Our aim is to create a welcoming, lively, and playful studio space - to be the best part of your day.


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