Love don’t cost a thing?

Not quite... but students receive 10% off Session Packs.

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Students, are you looking for a break from the books?

How do classic reformer pilates classes mixed with strength training, cardio and yoga sound? Good right.

Let’s spike the heart rate, hit you with a little burn and bring you back down with a thoughtful yoga flow. Book in, let’s get sweaty and have fun.


Put down the pen.
Put your hands up for Love.


What you walk into

A luxe boutique studio with stunning Allegro 2 reformer beds, welcoming instructors and a fun but challenging class environment.

What you leave with

A 50 minute all over body workout that challenges the mind and body and ends with a mindful recovery to calm and restore. You will feel toned tight and fit with energy and vitality.

What you become

Mentally and physically you will be stronger, more confident and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. The changes to your body stay with you from day one.


Simply send us an email showing either current proof of enrolment or your student card and receive 10% off LA Session Packs.*

*Exclusions apply. See terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions

10% discount off LA Session Packs (excluding Opening Offer, Introductory Offer and Casual Class) and Monthly Passes for current full-time secondary school and/or tertiary students. To redeem offer you must contact your local Love Athletica studio with valid proof of current enrolment and/or a current student card. Offer is non-refundable, cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or other products, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and is not transferable between clients.

Student discount membership to be reviewed annually. Current proof of enrolment and/or current student card must be supplied annually to maintain Student Discount Offer membership. 

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