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Love Athletica Pilates St Kilda


Tired of uninspiring gyms? Sick of spending hours doing cardio and not feeling stronger? Love Athletica is here to challenge your mind and body, from your very first class. Feel a noticeable improvement to your strength with our unique brand of Pilates. LA Pilates St Kilda East combines the perfect balance of full-body strength training, cardio that gets your heart pumping and mindful flow. Our boutique pilates studio is fitted with state-of-the-art Allegro 2 reformer beds and brings good vibes with supportive instructors, motivating tunes, and class levels to suit everyone. Even if you’re dealing with an injury, your experienced instructor will give you modifications so you can still enjoy your Love Athletica class.


What exactly is reformer Pilates?

LA reformer Pilates is innovative and unique. Our classes combine a dynamic mixture of elements of yoga, bodyweight exercises, strength training and a cardio component for endurance. Before you know it, these elements are working together to deliver a full-body workout that tones and strengthens the body. Not only does our pilates format work to strengthen muscles, joints and posture, but it also helps to focus your mind with exercises that connect the mind and body. While you’ll be feeling more focussed, you’ll also feel your muscles burn, leaving you feeling satisfied with your workout after class. All classes then finish with 5 minutes of yoga-inspired stretch to calm your body and relax the mind. This is the brand of Pilates that is sure to leave you wanting more.


Find the right class for you

There's a Pilates class to suit individuals of every fitness level at Love Athletica Pilates St Kilda East. We offer three bespoke levels of group classes. This means you can decide how you’d like to practice Pilates. If you’re new to the practice, our instructors will ensure that from your first step onto the carriage you’re guided in the right direction to learn and grow stronger. Our team of experienced instructors will always offer modifications to ensure you’re improving upon your existing skills and challenging yourself as you progress. Whether your focus is on strength, posture, flexibility or toning, we’ll help you to reach your goal.


Visit the LA Pilates Studio St Kilda East

If you've been thinking about trying out Pilates for a while, now is the perfect time to start. Love Athletica is the Pilates studio St Kilda East locals can trust for a warm, welcoming experience each time. Take advantage of our fantastic introductory offers and jump right in! Love Athletica studios feature luxe amenities that have you feeling comfortable before, during and after your class, whether it's your first visit or fifty-first. With state-of-the-art Allegro 2 reformer beds and encouraging, experienced instructors, even the most inexperienced newbie can be a seasoned pro in no time! If you’re unsure which of our classes is the best for you or have some questions regarding our classes, don’t be afraid to reach out to our friendly team.