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Luxe Pilates Studio Hawthorn East


The Love Athletica Pilates studio in Hawthorn East will take your workout to the next level. The experience of our instructors, the playful environment of our studio and our dynamic Pilates method makes LA the perfect alternative to fitting in Pilates with your weekly visits to the gym. Our experienced team understand all elements of Pilates and have created classes to ensure you feel energised and inspired with a thoughtful yoga flow to finish. With new white reformer beds and all the extra equipment you could need, you'll get an in-depth Pilates practice, every time. With every class, we strive to provide the most effective blend of Pilates Hawthorn East has to offer. Let Love Athletica become a welcoming place you look forward to visiting.

Combining Pilates & yoga in Hawthorn East

The LA style is a little different to the style of Pilates Hawthorn East attendees may be used to. We mix classic reformer Pilates with body weight exercises, cardio, strength training and yoga to form a unique, integrated approach to your training. This method has been created to deliver a full body workout that will transform you from the inside out, with all classes taking place on the reformer. Our class numbers are strictly limited, so you receive personal attention within the dynamic environment of a group class. Our classes are challenging, and fun, led by experienced instructors. Expect your heart rate to spike, and your muscles to burn. The LA style will make you feel muscles you never knew existed!

Find a class you love

To meet the needs of every body, we offer a variety of classes, all featuring the blend of pilates & yoga Hawthorn East is loving. Whether you enjoy the vibe of group Pilates or prefer private sessions, we have you covered with our Pilates & yoga Hawthorn East classes, and the choice is yours. And if you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, we promise to give you the opportunity to learn, grow and develop. No matter which class you choose to participate in, you’ll experience an all over body workout that challenges the mind and body and ends with mindful recovery to calm and restore. You’ll feel toned, tight and fit with energy and vitality, and the changes to your body will stay with you from day one.

A playful new studio space

If you’re ready to try the newest brand of Pilates in town, book online or pop into the LA Pilates studio Hawthorn East. Our luxe, boutique Pilates studio on Camberwell Rd in Hawthorn East houses our sleek, state-of-the-art Allegro 2 reformer beds in a space that filled with natural light. We provide complimentary towels, drinking water, tea refreshments, a bathroom and changing facilities on site. We've carefully planned out the studio space to create an energy that helps you to feel at ease while you stretch and strengthen. We’re proud of the fresh and inviting space we’ve created, and we hope you enjoy it too.