Pilates Studio Caulfield

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Love Athletica Pilates Studio Caulfield


Are you on the search for a fun, effective and rewarding workout? Look no further Love Athletica Pilates studio Caulfield. LA Pilates Caulfield is a luxe boutique Pilates studio offering a dynamic combination of strength training and heart pumping cardio, rounded out by a mindful flow that will tone from head to toe, enhance flexibility and overall will challenge both mind and body. Let our energetic, experienced instructors guide you through a balanced, full body workout to a soundtrack of motivating tunes that will leave you feeling not only energised but satisfied. No matter your fitness level, with three types of group classes to choose from and private options also available, there’s something for everyone.

What can LA Pilates do for you?

Our unique method at Love Athletica Pilates Caulfield perfectly combines reformer Pilates with elements of yoga flow for a toning and strengthening full body workout. Although it’s mostly low impact thanks to the reformer beds, LA is a dynamic workout which will have your heart rate pumping and your muscles shaking! From your very first day, you’ll walk away feeling stronger and accomplished. Push yourself to strengthen your core and soon you’ll find Pilates brings all sorts of holistic benefits. You’ll find your endurance is better, your posture is stronger and overall a connection between mind and body is made. Using body weight exercises, strength training and cardio, LA Pilates Caulfield will help you get to your fitness goals in no time.

A class for level

At Love Athletica Pilates studio Caulfield, there’s a class to suit every body. With three different types of group classes and the option of private classes, the choice of how you’d like to practice Pilates  is entirely up to you. If you’re new to the practice, the reformer beds can seem a little daunting, but never fear our experienced instructors will make sure you’re comfortable in no time and getting the most out of your sessions. Whether you choose an LA, LA lite or LA hour class, our instructors offer modifications to ensure you’re always building on your existing skills. If you’re carrying an injury, your instructor will apply modifications so you can still achieve a great workout.

Join the LA Pilates Caulfield family

We’re so excited that you’re here and we’re pretty confident that once you try it,  Love Athletica Pilates will quickly become your favourite way to work out. Our encouraging and experienced instructors will take you through a class designed to challenge but centre your mind and body, in our boutique studio filled with natural light and luxe amenities, it’ll feel like home. If this is your first time, take advantage of our great intro offers and try a taste of the Love Athletica way. If you’re unsure whether Pilates is the right workout for you or you just aren’t sure which class to start with, reach out to our friendly team today and we can answer any questions you have.