Pilates Studio Balaclava

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Love Athletica Pilates Balaclava


Exercising at the gym can seem tedious and ineffective, but there's another way to get the most out of your body and your mind. LA Pilates studio Balaclava offers an enjoyable workout to have you feeling stronger from day one. Our unique brand of Pilates is the perfect balance of strength training, cardio and yoga elements to balance mental and physical strength. Set in a designer studio with good vibes, motivating tunes and supportive instructors, Love Athletica Pilates Balaclava is a studio you’ll be excited to visit. Whether you’re a beginner or a Pilates pro, we have a class for you and our welcoming team will be there to guide you every step of the way.


What makes LA Pilates different?

LA Pilates studio Balaclava will help you to crush your fitness goals in no time. Our innovative Pilates method perfectly balances reformer Pilates with elements of yoga, cardio, strength and bodyweight training. The result is an enjoyable, toning and strengthening full-body workout. Although it’s mostly low impact, it still leaves you satisfied with your heart rate pumping and your muscles shaking! From your very first class, you’ll walk away feeling strong and accomplished. Push yourself as your Pilates journey progresses and soon you’ll discover all sorts of holistic health benefits that it can bring. This can include better stamina, improved posture and a better overall connection between mind and body.


Find the right LA class for you

Love Athletica studios offer three levels of group Pilates classes. These are LA, LA lite and LA hour, and each combines the classic LA elements to ensure a challenging and rewarding session. However, the levels of difficulty, or duration, are slightly different. We recommend that you start with the LA lite class and work up to LA and LA hour when you're ready. While LA lite could be classified as a beginner level, it’ll still have you working up a sweat! Your instructor will always offer modifications for those who require them. These may even have you push yourself a little further to ensure you’re building on your strength. All classes finish with 5 minutes of yoga-inspired stretch to calm your body and relax the mind. 


Join the LA Pilates Balaclava family

If you’ve been thinking about making Pilates part of your workout routine, now is the ideal time. Take advantage of our fantastic intro offer and book your first class online or on our app. In addition to the luxe amenities that will make LA feel like home, our studios boast state-of-the-art Allegro 2 reformer beds that will become the basis of your fitness journey with us. Our welcoming, supportive instructors will make sure that you're feeling comfortable on the reformer and performing all exercises as intended. Pair this with the studio’s unbeatable vibe and motivating music and LA will become your favourite place to workout. Have any questions or need more information? Contact the studio and our friendly staff will be happy to help you out.