LA Style


What you walk into

A luxe boutique studio with stunning Allegro 2 reformer beds, welcoming instructors and a fun but challenging class environment.

What you leave with

An all over body workout that challenges the mind and body and ends with a mindful recovery to calm and restore. You will feel toned tight and fit with energy and vitality.


What you become

Mentally and physically you will be stronger, more confident and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. The changes to your body stay with you from day one.

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Private Classes

Love that trainer or just want a tailored consultation? Try our 1:1 or 2:1 classes...

Private Class

Book a private with one of our highly certified Trainers who will personally tailor every sweaty minute of your session to be exactly what your body needs to achieve your desired physical goals.

Whether it’s your first Pilates session ever, or you are an advanced Pilates practitioner, the benefits of a private session are (invaluable) awesome!


Private Class for 2

Bring a mate, BYO bestie and take your training to a new level.

Split the cost and you'll feel even better as you plank, pike, and build a bridge to a stronger you.

Double the awesomeness!!


LA's Team

Energetic motivating and creative instructors.

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Abby Smith

Head Trainer
Studio Manager
Reformer Pilates
Group Classes
Private 1:1

Since completing her Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (dance), Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates courses, Abby has strong foundations in anatomy and human physiology. This is enhanced by a love of movement, which has been fostered by a dance background of 20 years in classical, contemporary, jazz and folk, performing in Melbourne, Perth and Germany.

Abby believes the key to maintaining an effective exercise routine is variety and to make it challenging. Utilising a mixture of springs both light and heavy, expect to leave Abby's classes feeling sweaty, energized and invigorated as you move through a dynamic and playful full body workout!

Abby offers a sense of humour and honesty in a safe multi-level sequenced class that is suitable for all clients.

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Nella Aloisio

Pilates Instructor
Reformer Pilates
Group Classes
Private 1:1

Nella is a teacher at heart, after completing her Bachelor of Education she entered the Education profession working as a Teacher in Melbourne, Sydney and London. Her journey to London is where she discovered her immense love for Pilates. Nella spent three years practising Pilates before she felt the desire to extend upon her knowledge and practise and engaged in further study, where she completed her Certificate Four in Pilates Instruction with Breathe Education. 

Nella promotes and encourages a welcoming and fun environment. She believes in challenging sequences utilising various spring options that will not only make your muscles shake but stimulate your reflective thinking. 

Nella’s goal for each of her clients is to provide experiences that will promote progression in your practise, fitness and overall sense of well-being. 

Expect a few giggles in Nella’s sessions as she is well known for her ‘dad jokes’, silly dance moves and sometimes she sings ;)

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Steph Paladin

Pilates Instructor
Diploma of Pilates
Reformer Pilates
Group Classes
Private 1:1

Expect deep burns, a friendly smile and bursting energy each time you step into Steph class.

Coming from the fast paced fashion industry, Steph always had a passion for health and fitness and thrived on helping people achieve their goals. In 2015 she completed her dual certificate IV in Fitness and Pilates and turned her love for fitness into a career. Steph has also completed her certification in yoga, meditation, HIIT training and most recently clinical Pilates.

Steph uses her growing knowledge to help her friends, family and clients. Her sessions are dynamic, fun and always have a point of difference. Steph believes the key components to a memorable class involve mindfulness, alignment, increasing flexibility and body conditioning, always encourages her clients to make the most of every session.

Steph is warm, enthusiastic and believes in every person she meets. This is evident from the moment you meet Steph, she is always bubbly, happy and loves to make people smile.

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Gabriella Mazzarino

Pilates Instructor
Diploma of Pilates
Reformer Pilates
Group Classes
Private 1:1

Gab’s main goal in her classes is “movement in exchange for better health”.

While mastering the class, she also has her eyes finely tuned into how the individual clients are connecting with their body and supports them through their journey.

You will often hear her working one-on-one to assist the client in getting the most out of their workout.

Her studies include Anatomy, Mat Pilates, Barre, Occupational Therapy Aide, Certificate IV in Pilates and finally her Diploma in Clinical Pilates.

She endeavours to contribute to your day and work with you to stay healthy and motivated….

While having a great time, of course!