Falling in love with Pilates

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I first fell in love with fitness, when I began to run longer distances. Ever since, my fitness journey has always been dominated by cardio-based exercises. Whilst this has served me well, it has also proven limiting at times. When it came to resistance and strength training or toning, I’d struggle to see myself through a full workout. I’d grow bored or I wouldn’t push myself to the extent necessary to see results.

Until, of course, I began attending regular Pilates sessions. Not only was my love for cardio satisfied by the rapid pace of the class, so too was my every muscle -- including those I didn’t even realise I could work.

Love Athletica has been one of the most incredible and worthwhile additions to my exercise regime. It’s been the very push I needed to become stronger than I’ve ever been before. I was once least confident in my upper body strength. Now, my shoulders and my arms are one of my most powerful muscle groups.

I book in at Love Athletica, not just to feel the burn physically, but to let my mind escape mentally too. There’s so much to focus on in each class, that it is truly impossible to let your mind wander to anything else, but the move you’re completing. Pilates has helped me wind down at the end of the day, to begin the day with clarity, or to take a much-needed break midday too.

The benefits of the classes here are beyond just physical; they are mental and emotional, with credit to the very uplifting and community-based environment. Nowadays, I can’t imagine my exercise regime, or better yet, my lifestyle, without Love Athletica.

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McKenzie Collins