New Year’s resolutions- say what now?!

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With January come and gone, what better time to reflect on your start to 2019. Did you make a New Year’s resolution… and forget about it by January 11th? We are often guilty of making grand promises to ourselves amidst the silly season. These promises often connect to our exercise and/or eating habits, and manipulating those in an attempt to look a certain way. This is no surprise when our socials, newspapers, TV and everything in-between, is rampant with diet culture.

Too often we are too hard on ourselves. We set the bar unrealistically high and when we can’t quite keep up with our own expectations, we give up and consequently feel bad about it. These feelings of trying, failing and guilt, perpetuates a vicious cycle (the old “I’ll start again on Monday” saga). Sounding familiar yet?

This year, 2019, I challenge you to strive for progress and positivity, rather than perfection. If you are wanting to make lifestyle changes, ensure they’re realistic. Do this by educating yourself – talk to your trainers at LA, check in with your Doctor, see your physiotherapist; take care of your health, body and mind in a way that is safe, sustainable and individualised i.e. don’t copy and paste the latest fad diet to your lifestyle.

Some ideas?

  • Pat yourself on the back: we are very quick to address areas in our life with room for improvement- but what about the great things that we are already doing? Get into the habit of writing down 3 things per day that you’re proud of yourself for.

  • Take lunch away from your desk & even better, take it outdoors! Even if it’s 10-20mins, taking lunch away from your desk provides an opportunity to clear your head, de-stress and allows you to listen to your hunger cues and levels of fullness (easier to ignore when eating and working).

  • Set boundaries: in your personal or professional life are you a YES person? Could considering and learning to say NO make you more productive in 2019. The old cliché of being selfish to be selfless – you cannot expect to give others your best if you’re not giving yourself the TLC that you need. 

  • Exercise with a friend: line up your class time with your fave Pilates buddy or tack on a walk to your brunch date. A GREAT way to get those endorphins flowing and to have fun while you do it. 

  • Compliment yourself: ever catch yourself looking in the mirror and the negative self-talk starts? Would you talk to a friend that way? Trade criticism for compliments – try it next time you’re on the reformer. 

Take some enjoyment in the return to work and everyday routine. While you’re at it have a go at some of our ideas to get those positive vibes flowing. 

Em Massey – Dietitian/Nutritionist (APD)

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