Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Pilates

If you haven’t already heard or seen by scrolling through your Instagram feed,. Pilates is the workout of choice for many celebrities, models and fitness pros out there!

We sat down with one of our favourite activewear brands, L’urv, to chat about 5 reasons we think everyone should be doing Pilates!

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Mat Knipe
Falling in love with Pilates

I first fell in love with fitness, when I began to run longer distances. Ever since, my fitness journey has always been dominated by cardio-based exercises. Whilst this has served me well, it has also proven limiting at times. When it came to resistance and strength training or toning, I’d struggle to see myself through a full workout. I’d grow bored or I wouldn’t push myself to the extent necessary to see results.

Until, of course, I began attending regular Pilates sessions.

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McKenzie Collins
New Year’s resolutions- say what now?!

With January come and gone, what better time to reflect on your start to 2019. Did you make a New Year’s resolution… and forget about it by January 11th? We are often guilty of making grand promises to ourselves amidst the silly season. These promises often connect to our exercise and/or eating habits, and manipulating those in an attempt to look a certain way.

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Mat KnipeLove Athletica